Chris Brown earns monetary income instead of Hard Candy.

If there is something granular beyond your taste buds
it's only unsettling with feeling.

The television flinches when a pre-renovated Snooki comes on.
A Megyn Kelly comes on.
Rachel Green is on. Where's Ross?
In the other room holding his Ph.D and crying.

So, who is the woman being
by her own swallow, being

slouched, being
cowering, being
ripe with soft and coarse

with mumbling -

Because my feminism likes being slapped in the bedroom.
And when A$AP Rocky says he likes bad bitches and fucking,
I think, β€œHey,

me too.”

I hold my gestures in my hands and sometimes
they go beyond our being.

Sometimes I feel them inward.

Sometimes I feel you

as a gesture.

Sometimes you gesture and mumble me, but
even in that I can come and
I can open my throat.

But the only time I ever glorified fucking a man
was when I was touching myself.