Never did a spit take in my life,

                    belly rooting.

I’m going to take this in as a sign of my passion,
my desire,
my lust,
for my partner.

Then I’m going to process it with my tongue
--       saliva to create a new substance
that will be emblematic of our 

coming       /       together. 

My partner will show up,
do the same for me.

I see their hands,

                            what it took to wash them.


Ever touch , me ?
                                         --       just so fairly ?



, not short of comings --

not for lack of trying, 
for lack,

but we caution their sustenance when

curdled inside of hands (the comings.)


          You nourishing your temples.

I liked the watch of your tongue as a bulb
fluctuating rounding the sides

… all that follows “   

                                          ” bloating throats…

my swallows,
the things I hold,
                                   are incomparable.


So -- further down is it possible
        to remove the swallow?

        Bare in mind. Bear in mind. Bare in mine

throat it falls (or     keeps).


Swollen with a potency

                 best with a bushel
                                                    of sores.

                 Pushing wounds became a process,
            not a burden.


          --      And in the belly of, .

           Me?          “I have no children”

just   “ building up porcelain -- ”