“If I could circumvent your pleasure -- ”   “I surely would.”   “      You absolve my own waters      .”   

“        She was the drinking water with pulp.            ”

Pushing upright glass, forwards.   
“Her hands seemed to sigh when I touched them.”   “    (They used to howl more.)    ”   “And, as if her bones could flex into mine,”   “I felt a jarring acquaintance.” “And as I felt the jarring,”   “her skin seemed to re-establish over itself at rapid speed.”

“ -- you, at once, seem thick to me.”   

“She, calms, welcomes”   “        she begins to isolate herself into spits        .”   “Into my hand, I could sip her” “more fluently.”

“My muscles seemed to sludge in quarantine until you,”   “soluble, a substance able”   “(to be so loved) in water, sipped.”

“Take your muscles on my tongue. The length of it. The length of them.”   “I hope that length squanders down yours -- ” 
That doesn’t belong to a door.


“She pierced,”   “twice with her spits -- ”   “that pierce the belly of my lengths”   “that in response create ample fissures for the spits to outflow”   “into the belly of your thighs, the belly of your knees -- “   “into each belly of the body."